Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Home Sweet Home

The Jets could not happier about playing at home tonight, the only thing that could make that better is playing the next five games at home...which they are.  After losing a hard-fought game to the Bruins on Saturday night, this is exactly what Winnipeg needs.

The team has played very well over their past six games and just couldn't get any breaks in a couple of them.  Playing the next five games at home will really help the team's spirits.  The Jets have more games played on the road than any other team in the league so far this season.  They face Ottawa tonight, and over the next two weeks face Phoenix, New Jersey, Boston and Carolina; all five are games I think the Jets can win if everybody plays to their full potential.

Currently the Jets are sitting in seventh from the bottom in the entire league, but after the next two weeks, I think we'll them a make a big jump in the standings.  Who knows, they might even be pushing for a playoff spot.

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