Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What's 'appening With Hockey Apps?

Now for something a little off the beaten path (but not too far off).  I thought it would be cool to talk about some of the great mobile hockey apps that are out there.  There are some that are very informative, and have great detail on breaking news in the NHL and even other professional levels of hockey.  Some of them are great tools geared more towards youngsters that can help kids learn and navigate their way around them game. 

As far as news goes, you have your "common-knowledge" apps such as; TSN, the Score and The Hockey News app.  But what some people don't realize is that the best app for hockey news (make that any news) is actually the Twitter app.  On Twitter you can follow NHL experts in the media, players, coaches and even member of the NHL executive team.  I like Twitter the best for NHL news because it comes straight from the fingertips of the people that are given the news directly, so it should be accurate, and you can see the tweets immediatley after the news happened. 

One of the great tools that you can find in your App Store is one that parents will love especially.  HockeyGPS is an app that helps you find the address and distance from your location of any arena in your town, city, province, anywhere?  The only problem I have with the app is that it doesn't map out best route of your destination.  Right now you would have to enter the address on Google Maps or whichever web mapping service app you prefer.

There's also an awesome app for coaches.  The Hockey WhiteBoard app is a full ice or half ice display in which you can draw out entire plays or drills to show your players.  Now this probably isn't ideal for your whole team, but when meeting with an individual player this is the perfect tool.

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