Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mark Scheifele's Got It Goin' On! The New York Times! What?!

Well, the Jets first and last game of the week were fantastic!  The second and third?  Not so much.  I guess I should also add the split-squad game in Columbus to the "not so much" category as well.  But hey everybody, it's extremely early to be making any judgement calls yet.  I mean this isn't even the final roster yet.  There's so many young guys still in camp, just getting their feet wet.  I don't think we have anything to worry about.  In fact, I think these past five games has proved that we have plenty to look forward to!

How about Mark Scheifele?  He impressed in the Canucks' Young Stars Tournament, but I never would have expected he would be able to perform this well at the next level.  Six points in four games?  That's incredible!  Whoever thought Sean Couturier should have been the Jets' pick in the first round might be thinking differently now (yes, I am one of them).  Before these pre-season games, I could only envision Scheifele being sent back to Barrie of the OHL for another season to develop his skills.  But he's really making a case for himself.  It's going to be tough for Claude Noel and the coaching staff to make the right decision.

And on a completely different note.  I wanted to tell everybody about a documentary I watched last week about the New York Times.  It's called Page One: Inside the New York Times.  The documentary takes you inside the office of the prestigious newspaper in a time when technology is slowly pushing out the printed newspaper.  It's crazy to think that in the near future, you probably won't be able to buy a newspaper at your local convenience store.  Pretty soon all newspapers will only be accessible through technology (internet, apps, etc.).  The film talks about a few "big-name" newspapers who have completely folded already.  However, I don't think that this will be the case with the New York Times.  Being among the most successful newspapers ever to exist, people are still going to look for that name that they can rely on to give them the truth like the Times.  I definitely would recommend the documentary to anyone whose interested in journalism or who enjoy documentaries.   


  1. Scheifele is the talk of the town right now, and rightfully so. He has certainly impressed me and gives us hope that he'll be of great importance in the future. But I'm not sure if we should keep him or not. A very tough decision indeed.

    As for the NY Times documentary, I enjoyed it too, and David Carr was hilarious!

  2. Too big to fail?
    That was the prevailing wisdom about a couple of U.S. financial firms, too.
    Then they failed.